Guide 科技指导和评审委员会

FTC Development (Beijing), Ltd. and its FTC Industrial Foundation is guided by a group of world-class experts. A formal Science & Technology Appraisal & Guidance Committee decides and guides all portfolio companies, their enrollment to Incubator, their graduation and plan of development, etc. The following are Standing Members of the Committee:

Prof. Henry Hongyi Chen, Tsinghua University origin. Tsinghua University Microelectronics Institute, 45 years of experience, winner of China State Science Progress Award 1st Class (中国国家科学进步一等奖). FTC Global Chief Scientist

Dr. John Tole, MIT origin. Evergreen Systems, LLC, 40 years of experience, founder and executive of series of East Coast IT enterprises, and a system engineering consultant. FTC Global Project Scientist

Dr. Mika Nystrom, MIT/Caltech origin. 20 years of experience, an independent design consultant, a Caltech Computer Science teacher, full time adviser of the world top semiconductor enterprise in advanced integrated circuit designs, and broad involvement and experiences in a variety of technology frontiers. FTC Global Project Scientist.

Mr. John Hughes, Hollywood origin. 25 years as a founder, owner and chief operator of a top global enterprise in VFX and CGI for film productions. Many award winning productions and projects, pioneered VFX and CGI science and engineering from algorithms to cloud computation. His inventions and know-how will spread into five related aspects of savvy technology-base businesses as FTC Global’s major portfolios.

Mr. Jin Luo, Beijing Institute of Technology and Caltech origin. 30 years of experience in both US and China. An innovative semiconductor integrated circuit design scientist (since 1990’s) and a China based international technology business development adviser since 2008. FTC Global’s founder, president and executive director.