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Headquarters in Los Angeles 前沿科技国际有限合伙人公司
2404 Wilshire Blvd. 6E, Los Angeles CA 90057, USA
Phone: Known-contacts Only
Managing General Partner and President: Luo Jin
US Site Manager: Jian Li

The American Cement Building, a landmark architecture in central Los Angeles.

FTC Incubator 前沿科技国际产业孵化器
Beijing Economic-technological Development Area (BDA):
E-Startups | FTC International Development
北京市大兴区亦庄 荣昌东街甲5号,隆盛大厦C座4层,邮编100176
A5, Rongchang E. Rd. Longsheng Bldg. C FL.4
Yizhuang, Daxing District, Beijing 100176, China
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FTC Incubator 前沿科技国际产业孵化器2
New Offices in Beijing Economic-technological Development Area (BDA):
10, Ronghua Middle Rd. Yicheng International Center,301, Beijing 100176, China
中国北京经济技术开发区 荣华中路10号 亦城国际中心A座301,邮编100176