DSP 可重构多核处理器

logo-xhm   logo-third_domain  Product Formation: Processor source code along with configuration tools

Business Model: Licensing, pre-configured IP sales, custom SoC integration services

Market Domain: Platform solution for fabless or IDM semiconductor companies

  • Applications: Low-power-consumption parallel processing covering conventional application fields of DSP(Digital Signal Processor), DMP(Digital Media Processor) and SPP(Super Parallel Processors).
  • Architecture: RISC and VLIW mixed within the same configuration platform.
  • Computing Power: Processor Arrays are configurable with heterogeneous instances of common cores (formed by commonly used ALU, etc.) and dedicated cores (formed by designer designed computing units).
  • Configurability: Silicon Compiler, SoC Composer, Designer Defined Computing Units, Inter-core and Intra-slot Pipeline, Field Upgradable including DDCU.
  • Dedicated design automations with commercial-grade tools for design, analysis and verification, interfaced with popular EDA flows the next generation of IC designs.


  • JazzDSP Invention 1997, Boston, by Ussery etc. of Improv Systems (US$30+M, 150man-yr)
  • IP migration and applications in China 2007, Beijing, by Ussery, Berman, Luo, Guo, etc. of Vivace Semiconductor (US$3M, 100man-yr)
  • FusionDSP Concept Development 2008, Beijing by Dr. Luo, Ussery, Luo, Berman, Novick, etc. of XHM
  • IP hosting, BVI since 2010, by Ussery, 3rd Domain Ltd.

Team: Cary Ussery     Technical Staff: Luo, Nystrom, Chen, Asher, Guo, Berman, etc.

Academic Citations: China Frontier Sciences《前沿科技》2008, China NSF 2006-08, etc.

Enabling Mobile Embedded DSP with a Platform Approach:
Retrofitted on conventional Application Specific Logic Systems (ASIC) with configurability & lean op
Architecture: Heterogeneous, pipeline-processing configurable VLIW multiple DSP cores
Low-power-consumption compared to world leading Application-specific Standard Parts (ASSP) such as TI and ADI, as well other ASIC approaches
Quick-turn design backed by complete EDA solutions, simulations, and a content-rich IP library of DDCU (designer defined computing unit).

Dedicated Technologies:
Proprietary configurable VLIW architecture
Configurable DSP with Designer Defined Computing Units (DDCU) to support application-specific DSP algorithms
Asynchronous Embedded FPGA delivers high-speeds supporting 2GHz SoC logic, with Reconfigurable high-speed DDCU in the DSP
Wide spectrum of algorithm knowledge and engineering skills in variety of DSP applications

JazzDSP & MicroDSP embedded processor have been successfully used by Vivace, Freescale, Philips, Thrane&Thrane, Conexant, etc.

JazzDSP在应用中的性能优势:国际嵌入式微处理器基准测试组织(EEMBC)的测试认证结果: DecoderMarktm。总分(Main Score)优化后测试居首。单项评分居世界前沿(见EEMBC网站公布的详细数据


DSP-logic    DSP-comparison

行业背景:商业市场和科研对高性能数据处理的要求仍处激增趋势。新的嵌入式处理器的设计途径已经成为急需。美国原始发明和人才+中国产学研和团队+通过中国市场的世界应用+中国基金,有可能使Fusion 多核数字信号处理器平台的世界一流技术在跨代时机中抢占主导高端处理器的分类市场。 2007年,Improve Systems完成了对北京芯慧同用公司的JazzDSP技术的业务转让。芯慧同用国际吸收了JazzDSP原始发明人和关键设计师加入,从而保证了 Fusion技术开发的高起点和延续工程积累。

  •     通用 + 专用数字信号处理(DSP);
  •     简化指令集计算机(RISC)控制流 + 超长指令字(VLIW)数据流;
  •     通用算术和逻辑单元(ALU) + 优化算法的用户自定义运算宏指令(DDCU);
  •     可构建(Configurable) + 现场可编程(FPGA);商业模式:硅知识产权IP + 通用和定制芯片产品。

商业价值:FusionDSP 是处理器的新物种。融合式并行多核可重构数字处理器,一段时间以来,已经在并行DSP核和跨代DMP多核产品之间平滑演变,但现在正面临着发生突变性技术革命(Disruptive Technology)的时机。
发明人:Cary Ussery     工程实现:罗晋
应用:通用数字信号处理器(DSP) 定向应用的通用处理器芯片产品(ASSP) 特定应用的专门处理器单片系统(SoC)
学术认可:中国科技部《前沿科技》(2008, 第四期)